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BadBoy Jenvey (Satan) Proves the Popes in Rome are Reptilians + UFO Footage + A New Britney Song

This is one of the hardest videos BadBoy Jenvey has ever had to make, because explaining how the world is controlled by your Lizard Boy Rulers, who actually used to have alien Greys as their overlords, is quite a long and slightly confusing story. But I try to explain it all, in as simple a way as I possibly can.

Because I am a total badass that is terrifying, I am Satan after all, I, working for God, have liberated both Lizard Boys and Monkey Men from being ruled over by the Greys. I simply called out the Greys for a punch up, and they declined because they are only four feet tall and very physically weak.

I then informed your utterly incompetent Lizard Boy rulers, that the Greys are shit at fighting and at being footsoldiers, and they have only been ruling over the Earth for so long because:

1. They desperately need our footsoldiers to try and take other Earths, but were too afraid to simply ask the lizard boy rulers, for fear of being uncovered as shit at fighting.

2. The Lizard Boy idiot rulers were too stupid to realise the Greys are shit at fighting, despite their short stature and lack of muscle mass.

BadBoy Jenvey made a lot of progress for humanity very quickly, by simply being a bad motherfucker.

Sadly though, we have a terrible situation at the moment, where the secret Reptilian rulers, the head of which is the Pope in Rome, aren’t willing to admit they have been sussed out by BadBoy Jenvey, and exposed as completely inept pussyboys, that were terrified of the aliens.

The Lizard boy rulers have chosen to ignore BadBoy Jenvey, and are still ploughing ahead with their Great Reset, which is going to be where the global economy experiences hyperinflation caused by oil shortages.

Remember, all the lizard boys and girls, both rich and poor, know that they need to place their money into this investment fund: Wisdomtree: CRUD

Doing this is the only way to protect your finances from the coming hyperinflation.

Additionally, the Grey aliens that want to work with us to take us into the stars, and help us begin fighting to win new Earths, are currently trying to signal us above Rubery and Rednal Birmingham UK, with their flying saucers.

On a clear night take a look for yourself if you live in that area, and you will see alien spacecraft make different patterns of lights from space.

I remain hopeful our lizard boy rulers will eventually come to their senses, and realise that reptile disclosure needs to happen, and so does alien Grey disclosure.

Once both those things have happened, we can begin ending all these silly wars in the Middle East and Ukraine, and humanity, both lizard boy and Monkey Man, can begin working together to take new Earths, using interstellar spacecraft technology, provided from our allies the Greys.

Peace and Love

BadBoy Jenvey
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BadBoy Jenvey (Satan) Proves the Popes in Rome are Reptilians + UFO Footage + A New Britney Song

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