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Gimbal UFO video rendering in 3D FLIR + analysis

This is what the Gimbal FLIR video would have looked like if it weren’t so damn pixelated. Also two new things that I’ve found out during my tracking process:

1) The UFO is flying in an upward tilting motion, where the tilt is towards the forward direction of the craft, then when it stops to change direction it tilts downwards and then to the side, as illustrated.

2) There is a wake of hot air in the original video. At the beginning of the video this causes the lower right hand corner of the craft to be obscured by cold air, while creating a bit of a bubble of hot air towards the front of the craft. Then as we see throughout the video this shifts as the Jet looks directly at the UFO and this hot air wake then starts to look like god rays because we are seeing the hot air dissipate off the craft as the craft is flying away from us.

PS: My audio narration is terrible, I’m just really tired, sorry.
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Gimbal UFO video rendering in 3D FLIR + analysis

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