BUCKLE-UP! Clearest UFO Flying Saucer Video Ever? Broad Daylight UFOSs 2021

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41 Comments on “BUCKLE-UP! Clearest UFO Flying Saucer Video Ever? Broad Daylight UFOSs 2021”

  1. Weve got to remember elon musk will be releasing his new craft that doesnt have an engine soon.

  2. Two geeky guys ……but you bring in the new minds to the subject…./ thanks

  3. i love you guys!! and (don't take this wrong but) I'm starting to think that you are all aliens. sounds like you were in outer space when you wrote that song. (LOL) much love y'all, and dont be afraid to down tune your guitars. rock music has come a long way since the 50's

  4. This feels good this feels new for some reason I feel like peru and South America are the answers

  5. When the off world being was asked egg show yourself in broad daylight and they’re response was “ fuck you that’s why “

  6. The real truth will never be admitted!!! Why??? Cause it destroys all human religions!! And we know most religions people can’t handle that cause world wide stupidity breaking out. So you leave the poor dumb humans knowing nothing and let them think they are smart

  7. Let's just go ahead and assume from now on that the last 4 mins of all of their videos are going to be them advertising their music lolol. Other than that classic thirdphase! Good vid!

  8. Back in the mid 60s there were several UFO mags on the news shelves in stores. I actually did a School report on UFOs in High School. At that time reports were already talking about ufos landing in South American countries and taking people into their Crafts, giving males exams Then have them have sex with the females of their race. How Often did or does it happen ? Who Knows. How often are abductions done Who Knows. I am certain the Races with the knowledge to build the advance craft to come here from light years away also have the ability to time warp and erase any memory of taking someone away, if they don't way you remembering.
    Hollyweird has put out many so called science fiction movies in attempt to bring reality to people. People need to wake up as one thing I have said for years Jules Vern wrote several books called Science Fiction. Well Simply Put " Yesterday's Science Fiction is in Fact Today's Reality! "
    I like you feed Blake but could do without the damn music you like so well. More content and less music!

  9. The Galactic Federation of Light, have allowed us to see, we will be welcomed

  10. The Germans had antigravity craft which was never found. It was taken to Antarctica base. The Nazis are now highly advanced and just waiting for the world to destroy itself.

  11. Whats up with the 2 diff eyebrows 🤔does his cast have something to do with it?

  12. Is it just me or does TPOM seem less about reporting UFO phenomenon and more about showcasing their band and music lately?

  13. Music video at the end nice wannabe Rammstein we all live in America video they do a video on the moon LOL

  14. Mientras era solo una lucecita allá a lo lejos todo estaba bien pero, resulta que ahora con el acercamiento que están teniendo ya me está dando miedo.

  15. cant believe there is no old footage of them being shot at especially in the states. not that I would recommend it.

  16. Gree what is going on pepeoles see one they turn almost crazy where i live they are hundreds of them comm8ng back almost everyday but some day time To just look my Channels may be you ll get better for your site but je some want To see live and frée just suscribe take your ticket for comming and win t cust nothing for 3 or 4 days i don t mind but as To be réserve good end of day

  17. I feel bad for a rude comment I made to dark hour im not a fan of your music guys but you do you im sure people dig it. But I still hate Steve Greer 👍 ill layoff you boys but ill never stop my Greer exposure campaign

  18. That second footage of that video was insane. That is a real Antigravity craft it's warping space time with the bubble that it creates around its ship. That tails off from it with Rippling effects.

  19. The cousin's music videos… Wow just wow. Can hardly hear guitars but that don't stop them from looking so epic in these music videos and jumping around like EVH. lol. How about doing a Tiny Tim take on space like tip toe through the craters.

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