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Pentagon UFO video news explained | Ross Coulthart | The Phenomenon of UAPs

Videos of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAPS, were uncovered as under investigation by the Pentagon. Investigative Journalist, Ross Coulthart, gives his take on why we should be taking this footage VERY seriously. Subscribe here:

In December, 2017, everything changed in the subject of UFOs when the New York Times released the first leaked videos from a secret Pentagon UFO investigation program.

What those videos showed was quite extraordinary. They showed clear objects, detected on radar, seen by multiple witnesses, following a series of apparently impossible maneuvers.

Are these genuine alien crafts being covered up by the Pentagon? Or is there some other explanation?

Watch the full video now – explainer news for all.

Welcome to This Is Why, with Michael Usher.
The news explained.

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Pentagon UFO video news explained | Ross Coulthart | The Phenomenon of UAPs

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