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Five Undeniable UFO SIGHTINGS | UFO Witness | Travel Channel

Ben and Melissa present some of the most mysterious and unexplainable UFO sightings from UFO Witness, as told by those who were there. Accounts range from a flying fireball to egg-shaped UFOs near a military base to a dark triangular object soaring through the sky. Not only are these witness accounts mind-blowing, but the physical evidence that comes with them is truly out of this world!

Former federal agent Ben Hansen is on a mission to uncover the truth behind UFO sightings across America. With unprecedented access to the archives of the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, chief scientific adviser of Project Blue Book, Ben unlocks the secrets of the past to shed light on today’s UFO encounters.

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Five Undeniable UFO SIGHTINGS | UFO Witness | Travel Channel

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Five Undeniable UFO SIGHTINGS | UFO Witness | Travel Channel

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