IS THIS The Best UFO Footage Ever?…

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33 Comments on “IS THIS The Best UFO Footage Ever?…”

  1. SCAM ALERT: I've received multiple emails just now that someone is posting/posing as me with a similar channel name/photo in the comments and elsewhere telling people they've won iPhones and other "prizes" in an attempt to get their personal info. Do not respond or accept their friend request. It is NOT me. Apparently it's happening with a lot of big channels. Remember, you can always click on the user/avatar to verify it's the real channel with 2M subs, etc.- along with my emails/twitter/shirt shop links in the video description of all my videos. I will never hold any giveaways without first saying so in a video! Just a heads up.

  2. Over the last couple of years, I’ve become increasingly more convinced that we’ve been visited. That said, this looks like CGI to me. Wish we could get an expert to analyze it.

  3. Your "Fastwalker" is nothing more than a BIRD .Spotted the drone and was curious as to whether or not it was another Bird . When it realised it wasn't it just flew on . WAKE UP people ! …… There are NO Aliens OR flying saucers from another planet , any UFO's you do see are ALL man made , guaranteed 100 % . Sorry to burst your bubble :-((

  4. If you take a look at much of the footage of the meteor that was shot down over Russia back in 2015 and slow the film down frame by frame you can clearly see the fast walkers that were quick enough to catch up with the meteor at 30,000+mph and destroy it. Check it out!

  5. Man!…it's like its playing around zooming through the mountains ..look as it comes around into view ..vvvrrrooooooooooommmmm…..kinda looks fun

  6. I wonder if it has an invisibility cloak and what we see is partly visible because it’s different from the main craft. When it nears and passes the camera the object looks like a thin sheet. Like a flying blanket. And it’s also partly translucent. If you freeze frame it as it gets close you can clearly see through it. What if (and I know I’m using primitive human observational skills) but what if what we’re seeing is the equivalent of something like the glass top of a jet. Since it’s not made of the same material of the rest of the craft, it can’t be 100% invisible. Only like 80% invisible. Enough to be missed by the human eye, but not by a camera. What if the craft was taking off because they were able to tell that there was humans less then a mile away moving towards them. And ahead of them, they can see that there’s some source of electromagnetic equipment that’s moving faster then the humans towards them. So they leave. Maybe the drone is to small that it’s easy for them to miss it or not know it’s purpose. Perhaps that’s why it seems like lately more drones have been able to catch great UFO footage then a human with a camera.

  7. at 7:11ish it shows one on the lower right of screen with a zoom and slomo but makes no mention of the 2 movers the flash from bottom to mid left of screen .ive caught one of these myself. its posted on my channel. i believe these are happening often, but we are barely able to perceive them, and tend to dismiss them as imagined. having caught one myself, and knowing 100% that its real is actually terrifying to me lol

  8. It actually looks like the ufo made a quick turn to avoid hitting the drone that filmed the footage. As though it knew the drone was there and needed to avoid a collision.

  9. Something to keep in mind with regards to fast movers under the water. The Russians have designed, and likely have, cavitating torpedoes or rockets (may also be referred to as supercavitating torpedoes or rockets). These things create an air bubble around themselves from cavitating the water. It virtually eliminates water resistance and replaces it with air bubbles, presenting air resistance instead. I would suspect they have also created supercavitating underwater drones by now too. They can travel up to rocket speeds underwater.

  10. WOW! That B/W footage that starts at 7:50 has a ton of SCREAMERS!
    Tyler; have you got any kind of video tool that can control and view frames one by one? There are at least a dozen SUPER fast images in the 7:50 segment! There are TWO in the closing milliseconds of 8:06, and they're not even the fastest ones!

  11. Time line 6:55 space ship there might be two of them. Look up toward left on top of water looks like another one

  12. Thats how i drive back home when i realize i left my phone at home with my girlfriend

  13. What I’d say is that if they are travelling through space visiting other star systems then they must be using gravity propulsion, if so then these videos are showing them in 1st gear, and these speeds are really not fast at all. 500mph is pathetic compared with breaking the speed of light. This looks impressive to us, but if these really are alien craft then this isn’t even 1% of the speeds they would be capable of

  14. Look 600 mph is plane speed at altitude. this thing is going WAYYYYYYY faster than that. If its at 500 mph, than it lends credibility to faster speeds because of planes at 10 -20 feet off the ground doing tricks seem extremely much more fast than they actually are. The higher the altitude the slower it looks, just simple "physics" or "Mathematical equations" This is FAAAST

  15. UAPs seem to be checking out some of the drones, themselves – specially, the one in Utah. Maybe, they, too, are recon drones?

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