Navy pilots recall “unsettling” 2004 UAP sighting

Cmdr. Dave Fravor and Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich were training with the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group when the encounter occurred.

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31 Comments on “Navy pilots recall “unsettling” 2004 UAP sighting”

  1. We live in a third dimension world . We are getting smarter every day People are just going to see more of it as it comes out there’s nothing you can do about it. .. We’re not alone

  2. The real interesting thing about the US Congress order to the US Intelligence Agencies is that they ONLY should make a rapport about Unidentified Areal Phenomena within US airspace. It does not require the same governmental bodies or ALL of them to inform the US Congress of EVERYTHING they know about so-called UFOs (including allegded crashes, the recovery of bodies and aircraft, etc). Why this limitation?

  3. So little time, so much BS to peddle…Most of what is passing for UFO's is completely explainable, or is just insects, debris, or static particles on lens, or its aircraft in the distance that's not being clearly seen because of the way that video, the lens, and light work together to create anomalies and illusions. The government, under globalism, is just getting ready to use this crap to take even more control…like the climate hoax, and the CCP virus power grab…

  4. For its worth, I used MatLab to enhance the Gimbal video around the object area. I also tried to analyze the light emitted by the object for particular periodic pulsations but I could not find any spikes in the spectrum. The total light around the object changes quite a bit but in a very stochastic way (with a slight 1/f trend in the spectrum).

  5. I think it’s kind of funny how advanced we think we are. We often laugh at writers during the Middle Ages and before then they described things they didn’t understand in strange ways. 500 years into the future when they fully understand what these things are they will laugh at us for describing them as tictacs

  6. it must be cool being an alien, visiting all these worlds etc..I bet there are all kinds of interesting lifeforms out there..

  7. Wondering why everyone is jumping to the conclusion that these are some sort of vehicles or ships. Nobody is exploring the idea that this could be a kind of living entity, that doesn't belong to this time and space continuum and doesn't necessarily use technology to move through the space?

  8. It scared the crap out of alex dietrich it was so unusual but " lets not jump to conclusions" lol.

  9. When Top People from The Government went to talk to the Aliens aboard their Spacecraft, the Aliens abused them..Sexually..

  10. KEEP UFO'S FILES CLASSIFIED! No need for the American/world public to know, what the U.S airforce and navy don't know. Send the information over to a few universities science professors who study this type of stuff; once they finish their research and come to a reasonable conclusion; then release their final decision on what they could be. If  the professional military pilots in the navy & airforce don't know what they are; do they think us dumb, dumbs in the general public are supposed to figure out what they are, we aren't going to know either WTF they are. Also why now, can't they wait another 10 years, or why couldn't they had declassify the files 10yrs ago, or just wait another 20 years from now or they could've just released them 20yrs ago: What's the Rush for, WHY NOW?

  11. Big pile of BS, why only US reporting such incidents, all world countries have airforce, advanced air force, only US saw these objects. Reminds me of Grendizer cartoons, UFOs only attack Japan…

  12. the world will never realize until it's too late, but these UAP are interdimensional angelic beings scoping us out before the tribulation/rapture. atheists nightmare.

  13. I'd think that I would want to get far away from that thing as possible, this guy has a lot of guts wanting to get closer.

  14. that object is probably took an interest at that descending maneuver. They don't have that one move and it copied it because they probably thought that spiral moves looked so fun.

  15. It doesn't terrify me that they exist. What keeps me up at night is that we can do absolutely nothing about it.

  16. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force: Now everything will be examined, probably another white wash, U.S.A. Federal Government States: There is NO evidence of Extraterrestrial Space Crafts. So it is our duty as American Citizens to adhere and follow U.S.A. Federal Government's Official Release of up coming report and NOT to question it's veracity! We must be Politically Correct and state: There is NO Evidence to corroborative and supportive evidentiary data and information of the existence of extraterrestrials! Probably just high tech spy drones!

  17. If the pentagon is releaseng info about this, why cant they not release the data from the Princton radar?

  18. Because this object likely has a outward gravity type A propulsion I believe the White water they saw was the effects of The Craft moving. For so many feet beyond the Craft space is warped and it is moving in a cross-like shape just like that of a commercial airliner. It makes sense that the water was being moved and agitated by the movement of this craft. I don't believe anything was under the water unless they really saw something solid. Pull up Bob Lazar I knew about him since the early 90s.

  19. I wonder which Hollywood sci-fi movie 🎥 or Tv show would match these guys.. the fifth element coming down to earth 🌍 to bring the. Messiah to the earth to save humanity.. or Cone heads , to investigate our planet and bring few earthlings to Remulack.. contact, ET , the Arrival, Id4 , the Aliens 👽 from the simpsons , or it could be Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, or South Park .. there is a massive variety on this ..

  20. No one heard them say the Princeton tracked this for MULTIPLE DAYS. Why does no one talk about WHAT WAS IN THE WATER the size of a 737 WHILE this tic tac was moving directly above it ?

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