New Video Raises More UFO Questions Ahead of Pentagon Report Release

For the first time, the world is getting a glimpse at leaked U.S. military radar readings that show more than a dozen objects swarming a Navy warship off the coast of California, and it comes as a deadline approaches for the Pentagon to tell Congress what it knows about UFOs. NBC’s Gadi Schwartz reports for TODAY.» Subscribe to TODAY:
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New Video Raises More UFO Questions Ahead of Pentagon Report Release


26 Comments on “New Video Raises More UFO Questions Ahead of Pentagon Report Release”

  1. These UFO's are from the future which are here to monitor us and prevent us from causing World War 3 which would some time in future😀.

  2. Is isn't Russia. It isn't China. They aren't hostile or we would have been toast a long time ago! THINK!

  3. Most pixelated flir footage I've ever seen, this is distraction plain and simple. Look at what else is going on in the news that they dont want you to see.

  4. It is posited, herein, that US wants to get ahead of story. Since when? Significant events have been ignored and mocked for decades. The "gee whiz" on Today Show and 60 MInutes is superb mind control. I see who options, the visitors have announced it is time for disclosure or we are entering the long playing game plan for central control. After the fake pandemic, assuming Covid was this event, is followed by the last step: a world wide fear of hostile aliens. One can hope the aliens don't play for the tribal team

  5. They are real.👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

  6. WE are not in need of understanding it, the government is already trying to do that. It is being studied and taken seriously, just not by the media

  7. it is kind of scary how one of the worlds heaviest armed military is so bad at identifying objects.

  8. wait until they say "aliens are here and they demand everyone turn in their guns so everyone please do so" either that or they commence some major attack on a foreign country and make it look like aliens did it

  9. 138 knots is a helicopter speed. Nothing perticularly fast. Besides if shiff has such a smuggy face commenting on it then I seriously doubt that anyone considers it any danger to say the least. Gosh and all those "concerned senators" crap

  10. So they know people have seen several objects and posted them in social media. So know they tell us "we will realese information." Dont get exited, they wont tell us what they know they will act stupid and say "yes we have seen objects but we dont know what they are" the government is not with us it's against us

  11. The reality is this information CAN NOT be Revealed!!!! People will go out of there minds looting & rioting, it would flip all religion over & call all into quertuon

  12. Fake alien invasion underway lol covid scare didn't work so its time for this plan to go into effect

  13. If it's not the Hovernment, its aliens living in the ocean.
    The question is why suddenly is the Government revealing these?

    I smell a false flag soon.

  14. Navy boat was above the mothership thats why you had 14 boogies on you, they saw you as no threat so retreated down below. If we keep provoking im sure something bad will come of this.

  15. This guy is a GOOF, watch the joe Rogan pod cast with him!!! Aliens yes! This GUY C"MON,… Poor representation of humanity!!! Go do a hair or beard commercial…

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