New videos raise questions about military UFO encounters

NBC’s Gadi Schwartz joins ‘The News with Shepard Smith’ to report new videos from the U.S. military that raise questions about UFOs. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

When it comes to UFOs, or what the Pentagon refers to as “unidentified aerial phenomena,” the United States has “a massive intelligence failure on its hands,” said Christopher Mellon, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence.

“It’s extremely disturbing to think that, after spending hundreds of billions of dollars for so many years, and believing our airspace to be secure, in fact, we’ve had vehicles operating restricted military airspace with impunity on a recurring and sustained basis for many years,” said Mellon, who served under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

The Pentagon declassified three videos taken by U.S. Navy pilots last April which show unidentified objects flying at high speeds in the Earth’s atmosphere along with audio of Navy pilots expressing shock and awe.

The U.S. Navy formalized a reporting process in 2019 for pilots to report incidents of UFO sightings, saying in a statement that there have been “a number of reports of unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled ranges and designated airspace in recent years.”

Congress is set to be briefed on UFOs in June, but Mellon told CNBC’s “The News with Shepard Smith” that it is unlikely the classified information that will be shared with senators will be shared with the public. That’s because details about strategic defense systems, like those used to prevent nuclear warfare, could be disclosed, and that would put U.S. safety at risk.

Mellon advised that an important next step for the federal government when it comes to unidentified aerial phenomena would be to “overcome our self-inflicted ignorance, and start collecting data.”

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44 Comments on “New videos raise questions about military UFO encounters”

  1. Fake
    US wants to win the cold war against Russia. That’s why they make these fake videos.

  2. upside down ∆ they are known as EEEEEEEIIAAAK in the Alien race A to Z KGB records very hostile race from right outside our galaxy tic tacs are a race known as anfibians they can mate A sexual and have over 14 genders but the males on normal settings birth there off springs we are looking at most likely them coming back to get there ass handed to them again

  3. The U.S gov’t disclosed in 2011 what they knew of aliens & ufos and they revealed nothing we didn’t already know! aliens do not exist ppl ! WE ARE IT ! i know it sux but guys we are alone !

  4. I don't understand the mystery behind this. This is clearly Covid-3019 visiting from the future to ensure it's origin story plays out successfully

  5. At first I thought this was cool and exciting and real, but now I'm starting to think the government is lying out of their ass for some reason. They are trying to create a distraction I believe.

  6. Us government faking ufo’s to get more funding for space to use for military purposes to fight against China…

  7. If these WERE actually technology from China or Russia, America would be so far beyond f*cked. I really don’t think that’s what’s going on at all.

  8. … This video was not fully shown to us. This video is actually much longer, there are several of these UFOs and a much bigger one too. Why don't they show us the longer version?

  9. Strange Object Is Circling Earth .how to explain that?I have ideas.If they living inside earth so that mean they growned up in a sort of earth attraction.And this could affect their intelligence their knowlegde.Perhaps they and their technological ufo are like SUPERMAN when they are not inside earth.Perhaps they technological ufo using wind and gravity + magnet of earth to feed the ufo speed!!!!

  10. This video was taken in 2004 and took the government almost 20 years to release. makes you think what they could be really hiding from us sheep

  11. I like how aliens are always nice enough to put some solid and flashing lights on their ship for us to see

  12. The only thing I could think of while watching this is why Justin Trudeau doing a report on aliens?

  13. Gravity + shadows + duality + demonic + epidemic + pandemic + extinction + uncontrolled addiction + spirituality ? = Whatever events beyond human's imagination keep him under control, it is produced by the Aliens.
    Principle is; All matter originates and Exists only by virtue of a force.
    — max Planck ( Noblest )
    force ?
    Slavery is a state controlled by the upper force.
    Excessive pressure of slavery creates a force that destroys this slavery.
    Common force ?
    Any desire of the universe produces a force according to its needs.
    But sir principle is; I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.
    We cannot get behind consciousness.
    Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.
    — Max Planck ( Noblest )
    Any desire of the universe produces a force according to its needs.
    Thinking and Imagination is a process that no rules apply to, and it is a state of consciousness of an endless singularity.
    Thinking is a process of changing ( as needed ) thinking of another thought.
    — Jiddu Krishnamurti
    Imagination means creating images.
    — Jiddu Krishnamurti
    Because; the Thought ( you are ) is not thinker.
    — Eckhart tolle
    And; there can be no thinker without thought.
    — Jiddu Krushnamurti
    You are the consciousness of this infinite universe which is experiencing this body.
    You are the universe, Expressing itself as a human for a little while
    — Eckhart tolle
    Because; we cannot get behind consciousness.
    — Max Planck ( Noblest )
    The total number of minds in the universe is one; consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings.
    — Erwin schrodinger ( Noblest )
    Consciousness means infinite, unite and unchanable state.
    Because; consciousness never sleeps never changes.
    — Walter Russell
    We also need consciousness to talk to ourselves.
    between two Thoughts pure consciousness.
    — Eckhart tolle
    Now the question arises that even a single thought in the universe is not possible without consciousness. So where does the force for events like gravity, black holes, supernova originate from?
    Principle is; energy has no order.
    — Jiddu Krushnamurti
    Max Planck says in reference to any event happening in the universe.
    All matter originates and Exists only by virtue of a force.. we must assume behind this force the existence of a Conscious and intelligent mind.
    — Max Planck ( Noblest )
    He did not talk about any particular ( Aliens ) person, but according to the principles of quantum physics, he knows that such phenomena in creation are not possible without the desire of a concsious and intelligent mind.
    Alien life is quite common in the universe.
    — Stephen Hawking
    In the deepest sense the search for Extraterrestrial intelligence is a search for ourselves.
    — Carl Sagan
    Extinction is the rule, survival is the exception.
    — Carl Sagan
    Epidemic Pandemic and Extension is part of our history.
    There is a lot of possibility of extinction of our earth within the next 60 days.
    The possibility of extinction is so strong that I never fully agreed to this statement in my entire life.
    The Intelligent and Conscious ( Aliens ) Mind is responsible for this extinction, which is currently on Earth, putting full efforts to maintain the pandemic.
    But they are not getting the results like the previous pandemic in history.
    Our core is consciousness. Therefore death has no meaning in creation.
    The history of our earth is thousands of millions of years old. We must create force to save it.
    Because all matter originates and Exists only by virtue of a force.
    — max Planck ( Noblest )

  14. Why should we believe anything that the government is going to be saying about any of this ?? Huh??

  15. UFO’s are not aliens in spaceships. They are simply airborne phenomena with no ready explanation. There is nothing sinister or secret about it. Nitwit conspiracy theorists and Hollywood (same I.Q. Levels) will eat it up. Anyone who believes otherwise will be interested to buy my ocean front property in Arizona.

  16. If you thought the fake pandemic lockdown was bad, wait for the fake alien invasion 😅

  17. I've seen 4 unidentified objects in the sky, all at night! the last was early this year 🙄

  18. Any time the media wants to blow up a story for the government be wary. Remember not even a few months ago the media would have clowned you for the same information they are talking about now

  19. Going to the moon. Great picture from Mars and this pic of unidentified flying objects are crap.!!distraction time?

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