11 Comments on “Obama says UFO sightings are real”

  1. GOOGLE: The Truth Is The Military Has Been Researching "Anti-Gravity" For Nearly 70 Years!
    Oh ya, UFO is real because we are in the forefront of creating them!!!!

  2. How much FENTANYL was this BLM nut taking, nobody believes Oduma Supremacist who gave cash money to ISIS to help them kill Americans

  3. Am I the only one who understands what he is saying?
    Simple breakdown:
    1. There is footage and records of objects
    2. We don’t know exactly what they are is followed by, how they move and trajectory.
    3. People want to investigate what that is.

    #2 is a ongoing sentence. To say he doesn’t know what they are AND to say the how they move and trajectory further confirms the hypothesis that he knows what they are, but doesn’t know how they move. Am I the only one who understands what he said?

    Conclusion: I speculate it is aliens who don’t want to be bothered, but have some formal agreement with this government to coexist in some fashion. After all, we are a country who has historically accepted illegal immigrants – I wouldn’t be surprised to know they came in through space the same way.

  4. Expect “Everyone” will be talking about aliens in the next weeks. To have a context PLEASE watch the opinion of the respected UFO specialist Dr. Steven Greer /watch?v=en0GsxgwMmA

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