Pentagon says video released of pyramid-shaped UFOs is authentic

Government officials have confirmed that recently-released video showing triangular objects flying off the coast of San Diego is real, prompting a plethora of questions.

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33 Comments on “Pentagon says video released of pyramid-shaped UFOs is authentic”

  1. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force : People who chase Satan and his Fallen Angels. Don't let Beelzebub fool ya.

  2. I was looking forward to next months alien video release but with the fighting in Israel going on do you think it’ll put it off? Not to mention the aliens could be coming as they see us fighting and we have nukes and they’re not about that life

    I’m high

  3. As soon as Einstein is discredited I'll give thought to extraterrestrials visiting earth.
    Until then… Stop reporting nonsense.

  4. Fake space Aliens, government owned vehicles. Terrestrial BS. Be ready to laugh it off!

  5. Those are from the American black budget programs the triangles and the tiktoks that's why no one saw them until the late 70s and 80s

  6. You don't have to be a genius to figure out the triangles are the black budget tr3b and the Tic Tacs are the black budget to that's why no one saw any of them until the late 80s early 90s don't get me wrong UFOs are real but the pyramid ones are from the Merrick is black budget why do you think trillions of dollars and the government doesn't know where it went

  7. it annoys the shit out of me the these news corps cant take stories like this seriously, they giggle laugh and shake their heads the whole way through it

  8. If One of The Pyramids Wasn't Missing in The Desert, That's One of 'Em…or The REASON Ancient Desert People BUILT The Pyramids!

  9. Soooo….the military announced a month ago that they have secretly flown a 6th generation fighter jet….no longer a secret

    UFO NO….mass hysteria spread through propaganda not news but propaganda people

    Confusion is perfect to fool the mind

  10. imagine if some of them are pyramids similar to the ones in Egypt from other planets and thats why ppl say that the pyramids were built by aliens

  11. Seems legit. Looks like we got some genuine aerial phenomena going on in our skies. Maybe it was always going on through history but now we just barely have the technology to capture it.

  12. Of course they are UFOs. Exactly by that term. (U)nidentified (F)lying (O)bject. Keep in mind we have fully entered the age of high powered drones.

  13. Authentic what? Authentically unidentified? I think these are human experimental craft. Humans have in fact already designed anti gravity craft, remote drones, Very sophisticated space technology. Its time to acknowledge thse experiments. Dont think government would be transparent about any of this until necessary.
    But all that I have seen so far are blobs in the sky.

  14. False flag alien invasion , the FFAI, why would they ever lie? Prep the masses to kiss their own asses goodbye.

  15. I dont belive in Univers are creatures Clever than Humans,maybe they are Humans too,but if you tell me "UFO" are coming like machines,robots and shit…thats a Hollywood scenario.I dont belive the Goverment in any Version.

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