Are UFOs real? Australian journalist Ross Coulthart investigates the truth | 7NEWS

Investigative journalist Ross Coulthart says he’s uncovered incredible new evidence after a two-year search to find the truth about UFOs. His new book ‘In Plain Sight’ lifts the lid on conspiracies and cover ups.

Watch Ross’ 7NEWS Spotlight special ‘The UFO Phenomenon’ on 7plus (Australia only):

More on Ross’ book:

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CCTV footage which shows bright 'UFO' in Australian sky goes viral

CCTV footage of what appears to be a floating UFO was spotted by police officers in the resort town of Broome, Western Australia, over the weekend. The video the CCTV footage was filmed during a powerful thunderstorm that hit the city.

While some Twitter users were convinced that this was proof of alien life, others suggested it was just a lens flare from the headlights of the car seen in the bottom right corner of the screen. Report by Louee Dessent-Jackson.


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Australian UFO Researcher Paul Dean Interview, 01-27-2016

Alejandro Rojas with some updates, and guest from Melbourne, Australia is a Victorian UFO Action researcher named, Paul Dean. Paul has been involved getting UFO files from the Australian military and government personal, trying to get to the bottom of what reporting channels know. He talks about some amazing Australian cases and more. Check out Paul’s blog at:

Go to original youtube video here UCSTVGU0oHJp-gvlYPfWUvWQ

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