‘UFO’ spotted over Taipei was a weather balloon: astronomer

A mysterious white orb in the sky left many Taipei locals confounded on Monday. The internet was buzzing with chatter about the sighting. Some wondered if it was a planet or even a UFO. But the Taipei Astronomical Museum says the reality is probably much more mundane.

Lee Chin
Taipei Astronomical Museum research assistant
Many people called in to the astronomical museum to ask about the object. After some observation with a telescope, we realized it was just a balloon. If it were a celestial body, its movements would be still – it would be fixed in the sky. They usually don’t move around. But this balloon was drifting slowly.

The museum says the object was likely a weather balloon launched to diagnose conditions at high altitudes. But the mystery isn’t all solved yet. The Central Weather Bureau says that, judging by the time and location of the sighting, this was not a balloon it released.


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UFO vid Catch up w}Paul – More Alleged UFO vids and News for May 04 2021 ] – OT Chan Live-404

#Balloons #UAP #Secureteam #debunked #videoanalysis

1) Gen Chat
2) UFOs Worldwide Sky Snake *SIGH!
3) Robert Bingham – Balloon Summoner
4) Secureteam10 Sea Monster Solved!
5) China Air Balloon or UAP
6) More Balloons or UAPs.
will expand properly when rewatch for chapter making!
7) Good Year Blimp rotating lights or UAP?
8) Thirdphaseofmoon Videoa
a) Space Station UAP
b) Balloon or UAPs
c) Columbia Satellite Dish

Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps):-
[00:00] (1) Gen Chat
[03:27] (1b) Chinese Rocket going to crash to Earth in 2 days
lets see the big frauds add UFOs into it is my Predictions
or drag it out for a few episodes to make material
to cashcow it 🙂 *will Paul be correct!!
OT Chan the number #1 UFO news – the real news LOL
[12:13] (2) UFOs Worldwide Sky Snake *SIGH!
[32:37] (3) Robert Bingham – Balloon Summoner
[51:39] (4) Secureteam10 Sea Monster Solved!
[01:02:08] (5) China Air Balloon or UAP
[01:10:37] (5b) Possible RC Toy/Drone
[01:11:32] (6) More Balloons or UAPs.
[01:20:37] (7) Good Year Blimp rotating lights or UAP?
[01:34:56] (8) Thirdphaseofmoon Videoa
[01:41:18] (8a) The Jeep Pulley being used as UFO. that I couldnt
find the other live show when I need to find it to show what meant LOL oh well
[01:43:03] (8b) Good Year BLIMP on spudcam again!
[01:43:45] (8c) Space Station UAP – is it a reflection of a hatch thats cropped?
[01:48:25] (8d) Columbia Satellite Dish
[02:13:12] (8e) Balloon or UAPs b) Balloon or UAPs
[02:23:35] (8f) Hot air Balloon or Mothership lets see what Paul thinks…
[02:46:22] (8g) A odd shape sky object.. is it CGI? or balloons?
[02:48:10] (8h) A New Zealand UFO – lights in the sky.. something nature, made-man
or aliens.. come and see what Paul thinks it is..

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