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UFO Black Knight: We get within 300ft of the craft: Amazing stills- video to follow.

NEWS: Delta Echo research team are to become an official body taking on scientists as we crunch groundbreaking data and footage never before seen. Away from any risk of gov narrative or profit seen in the evangelical movements and ever-growing interest in the subject the U.S.I.C. UFO Science and Investigations Coalition will be strictly public disclosure.

We are already developing blueprints for the shape transforming Black knight craft and it’s variations and with ultra close-up footage of the crafts surface are able to give scientists vital clues that are just not available from the usual sources constantly rehashed by every documentary maker and social media outlet.

USIC brings the truth 100% about extra or inter terrestrial operators and their technology.


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UFO over Chicago? Mysterious BLACK SHAPE IN SKY is Easy to Explain

The Chicago UFO sighting, for many a great mystery. Lions Ground breaks down ‘the clearest UFO sighting ever’ (CC: ENG, NL, ES). Share this video video before leaving thanks!

This video appeared on the YouTube channel of Pen News on October 6, 2021. A short 34 second video depicting a weird crutch shape object in the sky over Chicago.


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Black Triangle Shaped UFO Filmed Behind Tree's

This is a very interesting video which shows a UFO even though it’s a Black Mantra TR3 we know that the Government doesn’t acknowledge it as it’s supposedly a top secret aircraft.

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Created by UFO News and UFO Sighting’s Footage.

Credit: @Visualdon US Government Northrup Grumman.


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UFO over Chicago? Stargazer has 'literally no idea' how to explain mysterious black shape in sky

Credit: Pen News

UFO watchers are stumped after mind-blowing footage captured a strange black shape in the skies over America’s third largest city.
Aiyana, who asked that her second name be withheld, recorded the clip from the roof of her home in Chicago, Illinois, and is at a loss to explain it.
In her video, a long black wishbone shape can be seen hanging in the air, with both its wings ending in some sort of sphere.
Aiyana said: “I literally have no idea what it was. There is nothing comparable.
“It was a ball of some sort with two long strings or belts hanging from it. The strings had knobs in the middle and bottom.
“I felt total confusion and a bit creeped out.
“In the video, you can hear my son and I talking about it and trying to figure out what it was.
“Neither of us had any idea what we were seeing.”
Searching for answers, a friend of Aiyana’s shared the video with UFO watchers online.
A few viewers suggested it was some kind of balloon, but nobody could explain how such a thing could float so calmly above the famously “windy city”.
One person wrote: “I’ve never seen a balloon just hang still in the open air like that. It should bob, even if just a little.
“There must be absolutely zero wind there.”
Another called it “bizarre”.
They wrote: “I have no explanation. It looks like something hanging from a helicopter, except there is no helicopter.
“The shape is too weird for it being a balloon, and I think I can also exclude it being an antenna on top of a building in cloud cover – for this, it is way too clearly defined.
“I have no idea!”
One viewer chimed in with local knowledge.
“A balloon usually has some movement,” they said.
“I live in Chicago. Even on a still, calm day, Chicago and the surrounding areas have wind of some sort and would move something in the air.”
Another person compared it to a “floating sex swing”.
The true nature of the object remains a mystery.
Aiyana said she stayed watching it until it disappeared from view.
“It seemed to just float slowly south east without any other major movement,” she said.
“It covered a few miles in about 20 minutes.”
The unexplained sighting is just one of several in the US in recent weeks.
Another UFO video, captured in Baltimore, Maryland, attracted a deluge of comments revealing identical sightings in numerous states.
Meanwhile, footage from Keokuk, Iowa, left people stumped after it captured something resembling a star suddenly moving in the daytime sky.

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Video Of Black Triangle UFO Struck By Lightning Paranormal News

Video Of Black Triangle UFO Struck By Lightning Paranormal News
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UFO Sighting Compilation Part-34 | Black UFO Fleet – Flashing UFO | 9 Sighting 1 Video !

Hello welcome to the UfoAr UFO Research Team Youtube Channel .

0:00 | Intro
0:11 | 1.Sighting UFOs Over Toronto Ontario Canada
1:57 | 2.Sighting UFO Filmed From Airplane
2:32 | 3.Sighting Daytime TicTac UFO
3:00 | 4.Sighting Fast UFO Over Paris
3:49 | 5.Sighting White ORB Over US
4:42 | 6.Sighting UFO with flashing lights
5:10 | 7.Sighting Daytime TicTac UFO Over Windermere Lakes US
6:11 | 8.Sighting Black UFO Fleet Over Illinois
9:17 | 9.Sighting UFO Fleet Over Sao Paulo Brazil

Mateus Ferrera
Angel Amen
Nelson Teixseria
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UFO Sighting Compilation Part-34 | Black UFO Fleet – Flashing UFO | 9 Sighting 1 Video !

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Black UFO with Tendrils spotted over Brazil

Black UFO with Tendrils spotted over Brazil

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The Unbiased UFO Report With Jon Hudson, Black Vault Briefing Good OR Bad News

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