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#aliens #ufo #aliensightings

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UFO Messing with Military Nuclear Missile Bases (Fox News Report) | Alien & UFO Evidence Disclosed

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Journalist Tom Rogan joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to reveal the connection between UFOs and nuclear weaponry.
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Tucker Carlson: UFO Conference / Evidence of Encounters with Unidentified Aircraft

Tucker Carlson and Tom Rogan discuss new UFO/UAP evidence by USAF captain & minuteman David Schindele presented at Washington DC press conference.
Fmr US air force Captain Schindele said “I was involved in a UFO incident at the time, where a flying object tampered with and took down a total of ten nuclear-tipped ICBM missiles by rendering them un-launchable.”
Captain Schindele recalls the event of December 1966, in Minot North Dakota.

Full UFO press Conference on Bob Salas Channel

Tucker Carlson Tonight “UFO & Nukes” with Tom Rogan
Fox News,
This video was edited and modified by frankfoti©
frankfoti is not affiliated with fox news.

#TuckerCarlson #UFO #UAP

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UFO Disclosure? Part 2 – Luis Elizondo and the Space Force

Part two of our series on the recent news around UFO disclosure, and the revelations of Luis Elizondo. We question if Elizondo is who he claims to be, and speculate on the true intentions behind his public relations campaign.

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UFO enthusiast exposes most convincing evidence of extraterrestrial life | Today Show Australia

Subscribe 👉 | UFO enthusiast John Greenewald Jr. has revealed the most convincing piece of evidence he’s encountered from 1976 in Tehran that displayed “intelligent control and highly advanced technology”. (Broadcast September 28, 2021) Get more TODAY at:

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Buckle-Up! Lockheed Skunk Works Insider Comes Forward With Historical UFO Evidence! 2021

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UFO CAUGHT ON CAMERA by USS Omaha: The Proof Is Out There (Season 2) | History

Off the coast of California, naval ship USS Omaha captures footage of a UFO diving into the ocean and then disappearing, in this clip from Season 2, “UFOs Caught on Camera.”


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