Huge Clusters of UFOs Flying Right Past The ISS As If It Wasn't Even There

This is a fantastic UFO sighting from the International Space Station showing a huge “humongous” clusters of Orb like light’s all passing the ISS. this is not a camera looking down at the Earth. It’s definitely not a load of space debris or swamp gas. To be honest, I’ve actually seen this before because these Orbs are always arriving here at the Earth. The ISS has picked it up before.

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Created by UFO News and UFO Sightings Footage.

Credit: NASA-ISS/UFO News/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva/Inshot.

Music clip: The Truth And The Light, X-Files TV Show.


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Huge UFO Ejects Orb in New York




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UFO Sighting Compilation Part-30 | Huge Tictac UFO Spotted in Daytime

Hello welcome to the UfoAr UFO Research Team Youtube Channel .

0:00 | Intro
0:11 | 1.Sighting Huge Tictac UFO Spotted in Daytime ( Over LA)
0:56 | 2.Sighting Daytime Tictac UFO Over Scotland
2:32 | 3.Sighting Fast ORB Over Australia
3:19 | 4.Sighting White ORB Over Sacramento California
4:35 | 5.Sighting Daytime Tictac UFO Over Dorset England
5:53 | 6.Sighting Shiny UFO Over Pittsburgh Pennsylvania US
6:21 | 7.Sighting Daytime UFO Filmed From Airplane (Hawaii)
6:53 | 8.Sighting UFO Fleet Over Hillsdale Michigan US
7:37 | 9.Sighting UFO Over Crawley West Sussex United Kingdom
8:42 | 10.Sighting Daytime Tictac UFO Over Princeton Indiana Us
9:48 | 11.Sighting UFO Fleet Over Budapest Hungary (Orange ORBs)
11:13 | 12.Sighting Moon UFO Sighting From Joshua Texas
12:23 | 13.Sighting UFOs Over Utica New York US
14:02 | 14.Sighting Orange ORBs Over Waianae Mountain Hawaii

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UFO Sighting Compilation Part-30 | Huge Tictac UFO Spotted in Daytime

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Huge UFO Announcement Tomorrow

The Galileo Project headed by professor Avi Loeb will hold a press conference tomorrow, July 26th, at 12PM EDT. After that Dr. Brian Keating will be hosting the leaders of the project to discuss it.

To watch the Press Conference at 12 PM EDT:

To watch the discussion with the leaders from the Galileo Project on Dr. Brian Keating’s channel:


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Sarah Carter interview with Luis Elizondo:

Segment with David Fravor on Jeremy Corbell’s channel:


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UFO Sighting News : Huge TRIANGLE UFO Spotted over Germany in July 2021 👽

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A strange video showing huge triangular UFO with lights sailing over forest in Germany was posted on the internet these last days and then removed and then reappeared a few days later on a rather weird youtube channel but in a different format. Although the video is amazing, we can note some small details that suggest that it might not be authentic. But how can we be sure? I’ll let you judge for yourselves.

There’s more to say, more to explore together and we invite you now to join this new journey with us on Section 51 ! Subscribe now !

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