ITF UFO News & Commentary 4 – (Disclosure, Droitwich Case, Bob Lazar and Jupiters Acting Strange)

Our 4th installment of ITF News & Commentary…
My research parter Dan Vit and I sit down to talk about Disclosure, the very compelling “Droitwich” abduction case with the footage, Bob Lazar’s Authenticity and Jupiter is acting weird…..

Special thanks to Dave Hodrien from BUFOG for lending me his info on the Droitwich case…

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The Entire UFO Lore

The origins of the UFO legend in America.

Documents cited include:
Nazis in Antarctica
Condon report
NICAP report
Project Beta original paper
Project Beta transcribed
Rommel report
UAP 2021 release
Avrocar progress report
Avrocar main doc
Kirtland report
I did not save these links but they are all on Google. If you cannot find the rare Project Beta original paper, please leave your email and I can send you the PDF.


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Colonel John Alexander #3: Gov't UFO Black Ops, Bob Lazar, Roswell

Colonel John Alexander goes into his investigation into the pentagons UFO programs, and his discoveries with Roswell & Bob Lazar.

Colonel John B. Alexander was the predecessor to Lue Elizondo at AATIP investigating the UFO Phenomena and trying to co-ordinate the government & Military departments that were running UFO programs. His findings were not what you would expect.
His background is distinguished and impressive. He served in the army Special Forces in Vietnam, He holds a Masters degree from Pepperdine & and PHD from Waldon University, He also attended UCLA, MIT, and the Kennedy school of government at Harvard. He joined Los Alamos Laboratories where he championed non-lethal weapons. He has advised NATO, the White house, Congress, the council of foreign relations, the department of defense, the CIA, the US Special Operations command and the national intelligence council.
He headed up a UFO program at the pentagon for the military, he also ran project Stargate with the CIA that looked at Psychic abilities using Remote Viewing and Psychokinesis Metal Bending. He is a personal friend of Uri Geller.
He was also involved with Robert Bigelow at Skin Walker Ranch setting up the National Institute of Discovery Sciences (NIDS) group to help untangle the supernatural occurrences that seem to occur there.
He is frequently on TV on Dateline, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and News programs around the world.
Lue Elizondo from AATIP has dubbed him the godfather of all things spooky at the Pentagon.

This is a 4 Part Series investigating Colonel John B. Alexander – Links Below
#1: Who is he?:
#2: What are the UFOs & Paranormal Events?:
#3: Gov’t UFO Black Ops, Bob Lazar, Roswell:
#4: Final Thoughts:


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FKN Classics: Area 51 – Bob Lazar – UFOs and Black Projects with Jim Goodall

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Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell – Pentagon UFO Report and UFO Technology | @SECRET SPACE TUBE

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Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell – Pentagon UFO Report and UFO Technology | @SECRET SPACE TUBE

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