Video:Student spots large UFO hovering for ten seconds over Devon Seafront||Mathew Evans


A #student was left shocked after spotting a large #UFO hovering for ten seconds over the Devon sea front.Mathew Evans,36,spotted the bright unidentified object while looking out of his top floor flat window last week.Photos show four bright lights in a triangular shaped information lingering in the night’s sky.The mature student managed to get out his phone to take a picture but within seconds it had shot off into a distamce.Mathew,from #Tidmouth,Devon said.”I couldn’t help but see it.My Kitchen window gives a great view of the sea so when it came across the horizn.It wasn’t moving like a plane would.It was moving a bit slower and went up and down for a bit before hovering a good ten seconds.It stayed in one spot long enough for me to pull out my phone and get those snaps.
Then it quickly zoomed off at the same speed and I couldn’t see it anymore.The light was really bright.I just didn’t know that it could be so I decided to take a picture.Mathew says,I am not quite losing my marbles yet.But its hard to place it so I suppose it is an unidentified object.


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Shark News in Under 60 Seconds: WE ARE THE ALIENS

Here is your weekly Shark News in Under 60 Seconds report, featuring Ashley O:

This week, we walk about:

-Chris Carrabba celebrating 20 years of Dashboard Confessional!
-Pearl Jam Tweeted?! Spppoookkyy!
-Tom DeLonge has been validated by the US Navy, Scary

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Video by 104.3 The Shark Videographer, Sabrina Garcia


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O'Hare UFO Leaked News Footage seconds before Broadcast
Leaked newsroom footage of Jon Hilkevitch interview

A video surfaced in the spring of 2007 showing an unedited pre-interview discussion of the Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO sighting between Jon Hilkevitch (the Chicago Tribune transportation reporter who reported the Chicago UFO story) and Jim Wagner a news anchor with CLTV, a 24 Hour news channel in Oak Brook, Illinois.
The video shows both men having an off-air discussion about the amount of international media reaction to the UFO story as well as discussing United Airlines alleged “flip-flop” on the event and the FAA’s explanation as “weather phenomenon” that according to Hilkevitch’s sources “just doesn’t wash.” Hilkevitch also mentions that photographs were possibly taken by a pilot with a digital camera and that the story is “the most read story in the history of (” with almost a “million hits.”

Hilkevitch then goes on to say that he is hearing from: “serious researchers at major US universities who’ve attempted to do their own investigations and, when they go to the government to try to get information, they get stonewalled.” Hilkevitch continues by saying “So there really is this universal feeling that the government knows more than it’s willing to tell.”


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