Robert talks more UFO news and cases, theories on aliens – OT Chan Live-449

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Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps)
(0) complete after the show! its Live unscripted!

[00:00] (1) Gen Chat and wait for people to join the live show
(2) Covered a heap of Topics this will be rough.
First on Climate change.. and I forgot to talk about how its changed
since lack of planes in sky.. so If I remember I cover the info next time. Paul.
(3) Lue and his book
(4) Alien Abduction cases
(5) Cattle mutilations new stuff Rob found out
(6) Bigfoots new videos and link to UFOs. and Pauls theory on
how that could be link to bigfoots here!
(7) Tv Shows talked about Expedition Bigfoot, Holzer Files, On The Trail of UFOs
(8) back to Betty and Barney Hill
(9) MiB strike the channel again and Robs stream vanishes
(10) More chat on various UFO stuff. .cant remember will need
to add when watching back to make list here! Paul.

Wrap up for the night.

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Director Mark Monroe & Historian Greg Eghigian, PhD, talks about new Showtime docuseries 'UFO'

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Chris Pratt Talks Fighting Aliens–and Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger? | Daily Pop | E! News

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Chris Pratt Talks Fighting Aliens–and Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger? | Daily Pop | E! News


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