UFOs: The Truth is Still Out There


We take our second deep dive into the topic of UFOs and government cover-ups! 
On March 13, 1997 a huge flying object was reported by thousands of people across Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Sonora, Mexico.  The air force scrambled fighter jets to investigate.  Local and national news stations covered the event, which became known as “The Phoenix Lights.”  It was arguably the most important UFO story of the 1990s.
Former Governor Fife Simington (yes that’s a real name) wants everyone to know that he also saw the Phoenix lights that night.  He just didn’t say anything at the time because he did not want to cause a panic.  To help diffuse tensions, he held a news conference where he brought out a guy dressed as an alien (typical gray and not a reptilian because don’t be ridiculous) and everyone laughed. 
Now, 20 years later, Fife is telling anyone who will listen that he is positive it was a UFO and for sure otherworldly.  He’s semi-sorta-kind-of sorry that some people had hurt feelings over the press conference and thought he was making fun of UFOs – but hey you guys it was funny and really I’m like one of the cool kids and I had to protect the city of Phoenix because that was my job and I’m talking about it now so where’s my hero-award?


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Roswell & Area 51 TRUTH Revealed | This Is Why | 7NEWS UFO Documentary Explainer Video

You may have heard of Roswell, New Mexico and Area 51. But do you know the FULL story? In this video, we explain the true history of the world’s most controversial events. Subscribe here: https://7news.link/ThisIsWhy

For more than 70 years, the truth about what really happened has never been revealed.

But, we know more now than ever. Watch our explainer video on why Roswell, the reported UFO crash, and the bizarre truth about Area 51. We revela the history about the site, and unlock the secrets.

Every day, right around the world, news is breaking, all the time. Some stories and topics are complex, confusing, or need some explanation. A breakdown of the news, so we can all understand, and learn.

Welcome to This Is Why, with Michael Usher.
A news explainer like no other.

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🛸 UFOs in Louisville, Kentucky, September 8, 2021

Louisville, Kentucky on September 8, 2021

I saw a white light flying towards me with a red glowing light around it.
as it went overhead i could see an oval shaped craft w no wings or engine noise in the middle of the red glowing light.
it kept on a slow straight path as far as i could see the white light until out of sight.
10 minutes later another flew over in the same manner and 4 minutes later another. all exactly the same shape,
light and flight path. there were no clouds in the sky as i could see stars and the crescent moon.
they flew about the altitude that a small plane would fly.

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DANIEL SHEEHAN on Fighting the Pentagon on #UFO Disclosure & #Extraterrestrial Contact #Alien #truth

DANIEL Sheehan on Dare to Dream Podcast with Debbi Dachinger
– Why the ETs are here – their real mission?
– Our true ET history and cover-ups
– UFO sightings & direct contact
– On the U.S. Defense Department lying about the UFO issue

This episode is about Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the UFO Phenomena. My guest is Attorney Daniel Sheehan who is the legal representative in the fight with the Pentagon to quicken UFO Disclosure and ET Contact. Daniel P. Sheehan is a 1967 Harvard College-trained American Government & American Foreign Policy Scholar; a 1970 Harvard Law School-trained Constitutional Trial and Appellate Attorney; and an expert in the field of Comparative Social Ethics & Alternative Human Worldviews. Over the past 50 years, as a trial attorney, public speaker, and university educator, Daniel has helped to expose injustice, protect fundamental human rights, and elucidate a compelling vision for the future for our human family. To learn more: https://DanielPSheehan.com/ and https://www.RomeroInstitute.org/

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UFO Sighting in Isla Cristina, Andalucía, Spain

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