Woman Thinks She Found a UFO in her Back Garden, Real or Fake UFO Sighting ? 👽

A woman has recently claimed in a TikTok video that she has found a UFO in her back garden. Creating fake UFOs to draw attention to oneself is often the fact of individuals, of random persons, and the US government can sometimes also be involved against his willing in these fake events. Knowing the fact that the US government or the relevant authorities generally use to coverup a UFO incident instead of communicating on it, what is logical, all this becomes full of inconsistencies. Welcome in the wonderful world of ufology where lies, misinterpretations and deceptions freely mix with real facts. Who can we believe when it comes to UFOs?

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Woman Thinks She Found a UFO in her Back Garden, Real or Fake UFO Sighting ? 👽

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इस British Woman को हुआ Aliens से प्यार |ब्रिटेन में सैकड़ों लोगों का दावा एलियंस के साथ यौन संबंध|

इस British Woman को हुआ Aliens से प्यार |ब्रिटेन में सैकड़ों लोगों का दावा एलियंस के साथ हमारे यौन संबंध
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इस British Woman को हुआ Aliens से प्यार |,ब्रिटेन में सैकड़ों लोगों का दावा एलियंस के साथ यौन संबंध,hindi news,latest news,Aliens and UFO,actress kidnapped,abbie bela,british actress,actress love alien,UFOs,aliens,UFO come from the sky,Alien,UFO,Space,aliens in space,Alien Woman Love Story,Aliens,British Woman Aliens,Science News,एलियन लव स्टोरी,एलियन न्यूज,Space news,ufo,ufo america,ufo seen in britain,एलियन,क्या होती है उड़नतश्तरी,क्या होता है एलियन


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Woman Found In a Freezer & Underwater UFO – Freaky News

This week, we’ll tackle the terrifying case of a missing Oklahoma woman found inside a freezer and the intriguing sighting reports of underwater UFOs. Get ready for scary mysteries Twisted News.

Top 5 Most Mysterious UNDERWATER STRUCTURES Ever Discovered

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1. Woman Found Inside a Freezer (Talina Galloway)

News from around the country recently put the spotlight on a woman who was charged with murder after her roommate had gone missing. Although the details are still currently being ironed out, they could give you an overview of how horrific the case is.

It all started on June 8, 2020. A witness reportedly saw a truck and its white cargo trailer abandoned in a secluded area around the Oachita National Forrest, south of Mena, Arkansas. Suspicion prompted the unnamed person to inspect the parked vehicle.

2. Underwater UFOs

Jeremy Corbell, a documentary filmmaker, was one of the first people to ever share footage of a UFO crashing into a body of water on social media. Her post has since garnered plenty of views and reactions. So much so that the Pentagon itself found the need to make confirmation on its existence as well as the authenticity of the video.

In a statement, the defense agency said that the video was indeed legitimate and was believed to be taken some time in 2019 by a US Navy personnel.

Mr. Corbell explained on Instagram that local authorities found no wreckage on the said water crash site. But the weirdness doesn’t end from that fact alone.


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UK Woman Says She's "Fallen For An Alien" After UFO Abduction (Crazy Alert!)

In today’s video I go over a crazy article where a UK woman says she’s in love with an alien after a UFO abduction. She claims that she is sick of Earth men and is waiting for him or it to come back. Clearly she is one of these women who believe that there are no good men out there. Grab your popcorn and enjoy a good laugh!

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UFO over Maricopa? Woman captures strange light occurrence

Jasmine Montenegro recorded this video of strange lights in the night sky over Maricopa, Arizona on Feb. 4, 2021. Did you see these lights that night? Send your photos and videos to pictures@12news.com.

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UFO Sightings Dark Highway BRAVE Woman Films UFOs! 2015

UFO Sightings BRAVE Woman Films UFOs On Dark Desert Highway! 2015

Email From Heather “I shot the video on my way home last night. You could see it from Rt 15. I recorded it while I was driving then I pulled over to get a better look. It was about 9:23 at night.

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Canadian Woman Captures Impressive UFO On Her Cell Phone – Global News

Debbie Glitter Captured this intriguing UFO after seeing it 3 times. Then she asked her son to come over and film it for her on his cell phone. When it comes to people reporting UFOs, the North Okanagan seems to be a hotspot. The latest example comes from Lumby in British Columbia canada.

Source= http://globalnews.ca/video/1790694/a-ufo-in-lumby-unusual-lights-captured-on-video
Music= danosongs.com Song- Gem Droids
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Iran Claims Snowden Says US Govt. Working With Extraterrestrials FOX News =http://youtu.be/BUysmEbQRFg

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Google Declines Comment On The Kentucky UFO Incident They Claim Was Project Loon = http://youtu.be/Oe1kPBfvs_w

UFO’s and Electric Blue Clouds Witnessed Over Florida After Rocket Launch = http://youtu.be/isIKAaEunAw

English Woman Describes Her Close Encounter On

Two F-15’s Who See A “UFO ROCK” Floating At 17,000r = http://youtu.be/te0nmkBhjB8

Unknown Fleet Of Craft Leaving Earth’s Atmosphere Nasa Footage Over Africa = http://youtu.be/-De6GlSAmbU


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Sheilaaliens – Local Tucson Woman Hunts for UFOs – KVOA4 News – 2010

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Yes. This is me! Sheila. AKA Sheilaaliens AKA (now) Sheilaalien
omfg. embarrassing @_@ hehe
the webcams they had stiffies over:

still cant believe they plucked my little youtube channel out of obscurity and did a whole piece on me @_@ too effing cool.

sh*tty quality


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