The Alien Files: UFOs Under Investigation (Full Episode S1|E6)

Many spectacular UFO sightings across the USA, Canada, Europe or South America have remained unexplained despite serious and thorough investigations. This episode makes public some of the unclassified files from these UFO investigations.

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This investigative series takes a definitive, scientific look at the search for unidentified flying objects, documenting UFO stories that have been debunked and bringing viewers up-to-date on the state of the most famous UFO investigations, many of which still remain unresolved and unexplained to this day.

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39 Comments on “The Alien Files: UFOs Under Investigation (Full Episode S1|E6)”

  1. quick question: why are these things pretty much only seen in the US? really weird and suspicious

  2. Just exactly what is the point of all that terrible noise or music or whatever that interrupts the entire piece??? Very disconcerting. Just let us have the report without theme music or whatever is louder than the voices.

  3. Hi, WORLD for GOODNESS SACK they're here & living with us for years & have no harm to us either to & I have had 6encounters my self like arround the Moon on a full moon one night .SO WAKE UP .????????

  4. All of the triangle shape ufo s are military in my opinion. Our government has patent for military jets that look exactly like what people report seeing often

  5. When you black out and lose your mind 5 minutes after you wake up and you think you're seeing 3 gray aliens at your front door telling you to come over to them, you know you smoked some good stuff the night before, but is having a grand mal focol Moto sezuries will make you see things that aren't there, even when the front door is closed. 🛸👽👽👽🛸

  6. China is stealing intellectual property again, this time from extraterrestrials 👽…. 😉😂

  7. The truth of other worldly beings is this their is only so far they can go to create a heaven or video game world with head sets on
    Most advanced beings will have agendas to carry out like create zoos call themselves Gods but the truth be known the universe is hell make no mistake of it
    And no ones getting anything because weather your inside space worlds or on the outside everything will be recycled destroyed a repeating cycle of ( eternity ) 😈🔫

  8. U.S.A. Feds created their own UFOS to try and scare Americans while framing Putin (again). They don't like Putin because he publicly stated that Biden is illegitimate President. Deep State knew far in advance, that the beloved Christian President of Russia was going to be a problem for them in the future, which explains why they set up the fake "Russia Collusion" scandal as soon as Trump was elected in 2016. This is very telling as to just how long they were planning out the 2020 Presidential Election Heist. They have kept this "UFO CARD" in their back pocket for many years, and are finally using it now, because their global communist agenda is the the most major long-term priority they have ever had and has been decades in the making. Trump and Putin stand in their way, so just frame them as evil and persecute tens of millions of citizens, right??? Is that really the kind of government you want to hand over full, totalitarian control to???

  9. we all have to meditate if we want global contact, otherwise there will be nothing, the government will always deny it

  10. Don't you just love how those who do no investigating whatsoever claim that UFO/UAP seen are not alien craft and those who do intensely investigate them claim they are, so who would you believe?

  11. Intro was definately created in the early 90s!!🤣 reminds me of 80s 90s educational grade and high school videos.

  12. Truman has the right idea…”shoot them down”! Then we’ll have material evidence instead of just ‘stories’. If they are natural phenomena then we’ll have nothing. If they are physical and actual craft then we’ll have solid evidence to analyze!

  13. I don't need any files to tell me what I did or didn't see 25 years ago. The technology didn't exist then and still does not exist today that could possibly explain what I saw.

  14. After the recent UFO/UAP report it's obvious that the US government knows more than their letting on. They act like they know nothing or shocked when someone brings up UFOs or asked what these things are.

  15. this concerns the Patriot survival meals. Much of what your showing is NOT consumable FOR a diabetics!

  16. Sensational, spectacular, bizzare, such an encounter leaves little to the imagination.
    What a strange world we obviously share, with other visiting cosmic travellers cos we ain't got nothing that compares to those craft.
    Thank their lucky stars they came off unscathed.

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