US Department of Defense Confirms: UFO Footage is Real

Bombshell news released from US Department of Defense confirms UFO footage is real! How isn’t everyone freaking out about this? And does that mean alien visitors are here among us? Watch today’s insane new video where the military basically confirms we are not alone!


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34 Comments on “US Department of Defense Confirms: UFO Footage is Real”

  1. Ok, so you know how humans send probes such as Cassini to Saturn and Titan? New Horizons to Pluto? Or, Venera to Venus? These are probes… They are sent to gather info on what we already know is out there. These are probably probes with specific missions to gather more detailed info on our solar and planetery system. They probably know were here, but just want to know more. Dont think its really about us, dont think higher intelligent beings are impressed by us. Probably again a more comprehensive study. Why wouldnt aliens want to explore the universe like us? Just better at it.

  2. Doesn't it sound pretty reasonable for aliens to see what we have like guns and what we can fight back with .

  3. Imagine the Aliens that were not in space but were always under the sea 🌊 👽 like searching for Something not knowing it is right near us Spooky 👻

  4. The leaked report already said they are not some secret US tech or projects. Even if they are, why would they be messing with their own navy and Air force? That leaves 2 other possibilities, alien or other countries. If other countries are tracking ships and fighter planes in US air spaces, and the US are not able to engage them, then you have a bigger problem than aliens

  5. I like how pentagon fools public with ufo pow wow while testing its high-tech stuff in air.

  6. What if aliens already visited earth millions of years ago and they just classified our planet as inhospitable for life?

  7. Of course they are real. We don't need the governments word to confirm it. They won't give us all the info on it anyways. Just bits and pieces or just tell us that they don't know what they are🖓

  8. Plot twist these UFOs are from USA. to frighten people and to get more funds for research projects 😂😂😂

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